Monday, October 30, 2006

"New York" Times SportsMonday

I stepped out to get a quick bite and a copy of the New York Times was sitting near where I was waiting. Somebody had left it and I picked it up to grab the sports section to read while I ate.

Two things jumped out at me when I looked at the front page of the sport section:

1. There was an article on NASCAR. It is unusual for the NY Times to do articles on NASCAR unless it is about the business of NASCAR or a major race like Daytona. This was a "gamer" on Sunday's Pro Bass Shops 500.

2. There were two football stories on the front page - one on the Colts win and one on the Eagles loss. The NEW YORK Giants won and the NEW YORK Jets lost but those stories were relegated to D3 and D4 respectively.

The conclusion I came to was that the NY Times is trying to be more "national" in their sports coverage but that will prove to be a losing strategy. Colts or Eagles fans don't turn to the NY Times to read "gamers" about their teams and if I was a Giants or Jets fan I'd be put off by having to go a few pages into a supposed "local" paper to read about my team.

It's for damn sure that NASCAR fans don't think about checking the NY Times to see who won the big race over the weekend.

To me this was just another example of the MSM not having a clue. Be sure to sell NY Times stock short if you have the chance. The management is clearly operating without a clue and that has clearly been reflected in their stock price.

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