Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Curt Schilling to Miss Red Sox Opening Day

Curt Schilling announced this morning on WEEI in Boston that he in all probabilities will not be recovered enough from his ankle surgery to pitch Opening Day.

My first thought is to hope that Curt takes all the time he needs to fully recover. The Red Sox need him for September and October much more than they need him for April and May.

My second thought goes to who will be the Opening Day pitcher? Remember that this will be a momentous occasion. Not only will the Red Sox be unveiling their championship pennant - they will be doing so at home against the Evil Empire - the New York Yankees.

Now that Pedro has fled the coop - David Wells is penciled in as the number two guy. I know that there would be much drama in the Boomer opening against the Yankees but to be honest - he hasn't earned the right.

Unless the Sox can deal for a Randy Johnson or Tim Hudson - I say Tim Wakefield has earned the right to be the Opening Day starter. Wakefield has been the longest serving member of the Sox and it has a certain karma to have the guy victimized by Aaron Boone to be on the mound on the day when the Red Sox take their bows for winning the World Series.

Let the Tim Wakefield as Opening Day pitcher bandwagon begin!

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