Saturday, December 18, 2004

Who will be named Time magazine's "Person of the Year 2004"?

Here are the odds

George W. Bush 3/1

Karl Rove 5/1

Tony Blair 8/1

The Bloggers 10/1

Christopher Reeve 15/1

The American Soldier 20/1

Kofi Annan 25/1

The Boston Red Sox 10/1

Mel Gibson 50/1

Michael Moore 55/1

Arnold Schwarzenegger 75/1

Desperate Housewives 100/1

Paris Hilton 200/1

Field 4/5

(Field could be a good bet because it includes people like the Swift Boat Vets, the Pope and the guys who invented Google among others - although I say Bush has to be a strong favorite.)

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