Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Hugh's Questions

Yesterday, Hugh Hewitt suggested that MSM reporters should have to answer some basic questions so the reader can judge where the reporter's bias or sympathies may lie. This is not to replace full disclosure but it does give the reader a baseline of where the reporter is coming from.

Now I am far from a MSM reporter but in the interest of fairness - here's how I would answer Hugh's questions:

For whom did the reporter vote for president in the past five elections? Bush, Bush, did not vote, Bush, Reagan. I'm registered as an Independent.

Do they attend church regularly and if so, in which denomination? Maybe a couple of times a month and mostly Episcopal but sometimes Catholic. If anyone asks, I say that I'm a lapsed Catholic.

Do they believe that the late-term abortion procedure known as partial birth abortion should be legal? No - partial birth abortion should never be legal. Anyone who thinks otherwise should be forced to witness one.

Do they believe same sex marriage ought to be legal? I have no problem with same sex marriages. People don't choose to be gay - why should they be treated differently?

Did they support the invasion of Iraq? Yes I did!

Do they support drilling in ANWR? Not 100% on this one. I know that drilling is taking place all around ANWR with little environmental impact but I also like knowing where the oil is and not touching it (sort of like an emergency $100 bill in your wallet that you never use).

Well I hope that helps everyone understand where I'm coming from.

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