Friday, December 17, 2004

Miscellaneous Thoughts

Sorry for the light blogging this week. I'm out in San Diego and will be spending much of the day in airports. Some miscellaneous thoughts:

- It's not a good idea to ever tell a woman that she looks kinda like Peter Gammons.

- At the airport on the way out, I got an Eggnog latte from Starbucks. I do this every year because Peter King always raves about them. Every year I only buy one because it tastes like grit. The thing is - I know that next year I'll probably buy another one.

- I like the Tim Hudson trade from the Braves perspective. The Braves have to be the favorites again in the NL East. Smoltz, Hudson, Thomson, Hampton and Ramirez is an excellent starting five but more importantly - a front ended rotation with Smoltz and Hudson make the Braves very dangerous in the playoffs. If those two can remain healthy - then the Braves are a good longshot to win the World Series next year.

- If you think about it - calling tuna "Chicken of the sea" is kinda a slur on tuna.

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