Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Happy Birthday Bill Buckner

Today is Bill Buckner's 55th birthday and the event has pretty much gone unnoticed as has Billy Buck since the Sox finally won the World Series.

Buckner has suffered greatly since "that play" and hopefully now people will give him a break. Buckner had a borderline Hall of Fame career but is known for just that one play. Billy Buck had 2,715 hits (53rd all-time), 498 doubles (44th all-time) and a batting title to his credit but all anyone remembers is that play. It's a shame.

I hate to admit it but Buckner reminds me of the joke about the man at the bar complaining, "I was captain of the school football team - but does anyone call me captain? I saved six kids from a burning building - but does anyone call me hero? But just one time - you suck one cock and you're a cocksucker forever."

Sorry about that.

Anyway. Happy 55th Billy Buck.

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