Friday, December 31, 2004

Amazon Honor System Pay Button

You may have noticed that I have added an Amazon Honor System Pay Button below my webroll. You may have also noticed that I updated the books advertised from Amazon at the top of my blog. Let me tell you my thoughts on these two things.

1. If you like this blog and are so inclined - any donations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

2. The books advertised above are part of my reading wishlist. Any money donated to the site will go toward buying those books and I will offer a review of sorts on all the books that I read.

3. If you have a book you think a guy like me should read or would enjoy and would be willing to donate the money to purchase the book - well I'll read it.

4. If you are going to be purchasing any books for yourself - please go to Amazon by clicking any one of the books above. A small portion of your purchases at Amazon will be deposited into my account (either 2% or 1% depending on whether it is new or used). For anything you can purchase from Amazon - I'll get a commission.

Thanks for your help in keeping my blogging fires going.

PS - If you've linked to me on your site (first thank you) and if I haven't added you to my webroll - let me know and I'll rectify that (I'll be updating the webroll in the next couple of days).

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