Monday, December 20, 2004

MMQB Review

Here are the five things I think I think about today's offering from Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback:

1. Peter spends alot of ink on Eli Manning's performance against Pittsburgh. King withholds any prediction about Manning's future but I think he has "Tony Eason" written all over him.

2. Peter calls the single season TD record "the most overhyped record since ESPN overhyped the last record." I couldn't agree more.

3. Last night I'm at The 111 Chop House waiting for my table, sitting in the bar. Next to me is this old woman sipping a martini and having onion rings. She tells me out of nowhere that anytime Peter King even mentions his daughters in his columns - its bad news. She then tells me that she doesn't think Peter King even exists. She thinks that SI just photoshopped what they think Yukon Cornelius would look like without a beard and posted that picture. According to the old woman - MMQB is actually written by a mailboy from Starbuck's corporate office in Seattle.

4. "Is Rick Majerus psycho?" I have to agree with Peter on this one. Would anyone be surprised if they read one day that Majerus was found trying to open the doors of stranger's rooms in the Newark Marriott wearing nothing but Ragu sauce?

5. Peter picks the Patriots to win tonight but not cover the spread with a 21-17 victory. This means load up on the Patriots because Peter never picks these Monday Night games right.

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