Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Kevin Millar vs. Shawn Green

It looks like the Randy Johnson trade to the Yankees is dead (for now). The one thing that I didn't understand was the Diamondbacks fascination with acquiring Shawn Green.

The Diamondbacks would have received Green, starter Brad Penny and reliever Yhency Brazoban. The way I look at it - the Red Sox could offer Bronson Arroyo instead of Penny (that's pretty even), a top prospect instead of Brazoban (that's pretty even depending on the prospect) and Kevin Millar instead of Shawn Green. Let's take a look at how even Millar vs. Green would be:

Millar 2004: .297 BA / .383 OBP / .474 SLG / .857 OPS

Green 2004: .266 BA / .352 OBP / .459 SLG / .811 OPS

Both can play either first or the outfield (I grant that Green is a much better outfielder than Millar). Over the past two years Millar has averaged 21.5 HR and 85 RBI while Green averaged 23.5 HR and 85.5 RBI. That's pretty even but I admit that Green gets the edge and you have to factor in that Green has proven that he can hit 40+ HR in a season and drive in 100+ RBI while Millar has not. However, that was in the past and Green also now comes with a much higher pricetag ($15 million for this year vs. just about $3.5 million for Millar).

Consider the fact that for the past two years Shawn Green has posted OPS+ numbers of 113 and 117 and for his career he is at 124. Meanwhile for the last two years Millar has posted 117 and 110 numbers with a career OPS+ of 121. Again - that's pretty even.

I know that Randy Johnson would have to agree to come to the Red Sox first for this to even go anywhere and I know that Shawn Green is more of a "name" player but as far as production is concerned - Green and Millar right now are about dead even.

I haven't even mentioned the fact that Green may be considered "damaged goods" because of his shoulder while Millar has plodded along as a pretty healthy player.

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