Sunday, December 12, 2004

Some Baseball Flotsam and Jetsam

- David Wells had 10 win shares last year while Derek Lowe only had 6. Just saying.

- File this under a record that won't be broken. In 1978 Jim Rice played 163 regular season games - that's all 162 regular games and the one game playoff against the Yankees (which actually doesn't count as a playoff game as far as records are concerned).

- So Pro Player Stadium wants the Marlins out by 2010? Just as a reminder - ESPN once rated Pro Player Stadium a better baseball park than Yankee Stadium. Silly ESPN.

- Speaking of silly. Any GM who give Juan Gonzalez a contract should be fired. Never mind the fact that this guy has only averaged 62 games per year over the last three years - the guy is a disaster in the field and public relations wise.

- I think anything you read about proposed moves by Theo Epstein are bound to be wrong. Theo is unpredictable. Did anyone see the David Wells signing coming or the Sox making such a strong play for Renteria?

- One added benefit to the Sox trading Dave Roberts to a team where he can be a starter - other players will be more willing to be trade-deadline bit players on a championship caliber Sox team if they know Theo will do right by them after the playoffs are over.

- So John Smoltz is back as a starter? That makes sense. Smoltz will make $12 million next year which is starter money (same ballpark as Pedro or Schilling) meanwhile top closers make closer to $7 million per year (Foulke money).

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