Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Morning Links

- Holy crap! The Patriots lost! I went to bed with 5 minutes left in the game! What the hell happened (sorry - I guess if I just read the link I'd have my answer.)

- Red Sox trade Roberts for Payton

- 41 players are non-tendered making them free agents - Wade Miller is biggest name on list (interesting that Detroit cut ties to Eric Munson - I think this leaves them without a true third baseman and the remaining free agent third basemen bring to mind the word scrubs. Could a trade be in the works? Or do they really plan to use catcher Brandon Inge at third full time?)

- The Angles sign Cabrera to a 4-year deal. Good luck Orlando - you're a winner and I'll be rooting for you.

- Now Aleve is linked to heart trouble? I'm screwed if Advil is next on the list.

- Mark Steyn on saying "Merry Christmas".

- Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince to be released in July. About freakin' time!

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