Friday, December 17, 2004

It's a Great Day to Be Flying!

That seems to be the slogan here at United / Ted but it seems pretty ironic when me and about 150 people are all waiting in a customer service line at Dulles Airport because our flight was delayed due to high winds on takeoff (we were too heavy with passengers and gas to take off - so United had to burn off gas and wait until another gap in the takeoff patterns - this took over an hour and a half) and everyone with a connecting flight missed it. Now United is putting us all up in a hotel (supposedly the Hyatt) and making arrangements for us to fly out to our different destinations in the morning.

This was truly a hell flight (I don't mean to turn all Peter King on you with my unpleasant travel story of the week or whatever he calls his travelogue cries for attention). First the delay. Then the realization that everyone would be missing their connecting flights (the mood was ugly - patience went out the window). Then I was faced with only Coors Light, Miller Lite, MGD and Heineken as my choices for beer (and then they ran out of Coors Light!).

It would have been OK if there was a decent movie but I was stuck with The Princess Diaries II. No problem - I packed A Moveable Feast by Hemingway for the trip but then my reading lamp went out. I kid you not.

I'm actually in pretty good spirits but I'd rather be home. Instead I'm staying at the Hyatt (and it probably won't even count for MY points).

Sorry United - today was not a good day to be flying (at least not with you).

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