Saturday, April 08, 2006

Baseball Best Plays

I haven't been documenting this as I hoped but since I last posted I won with the Reds with Bronson Arroyo ($50 to win $47.62) and with the Red Sox over the Rangers ($100 to win $67). That put me back on the plus side of the ledger (plus $3.34) but then I risked $50 on the A's and Mariners going over (missed by 1/2 a run). That puts my current total at minus $46.66.

Today I like the Pirates to finally get a W on the board with Oliver Perez pitching. The Pirates are a $102 underdog. I'm taking Pittsburgh for $50 to win $51.

I also like the Dodgers with Lowe and the Phillies with Ryan Madson (in only his second career start) to go over 10 runs. Phillies/Dodgers over $50 to win $50.

For the season 5 for 11 - minus $46.66.

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