Sunday, April 30, 2006

Top 5 - Thoughts on Yesterday's NFL Draft

1. When Matt Leinart slipped to the 10 spot, I really wanted the first thing he said to interviewers to be, "Nobody puts baby in a corner!"

2. Before the draft there were three players I had hoped the Patriots grabbed with their first pick. Two of them were Laurence Maroney and Chad Jackson. The Patriots took Maroney with the 21st pick and Jackson with the 36th pick of the draft. It kinda worries me that I knew these two players. Normally the Patriots pick some guy I never heard of like Logan Mankins.

3. The third player I was rooting for the Patriots to grab was Ohio State linebacker Bobby Carpenter who went to Dallas with the 18th pick.

4. As far as the draft coverage by ESPN - I'd like to see a lot more Ron Jaworski and a lot less Chris Berman, Michael Ervin and Suzy Kobler. Rich Eisen would be a natural for this event. I can't wait to get the NFL Network.

5. The Arizona Cardinals may not win a lot of games this year but I get the feeling they will be very entertaining to watch.

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