Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Bumbles Bounce and Shaughnessy's Shill

Curt Schilling is going to have to sue Dan Shaughnessy for nickname infringement as chinless has become "the Big Shill" for the Red Sox.

Take a gander at his last two offerings

Today's column.

Yesterday's column.

These pieces read like they were written by the board of tourism or the Red Sox PR department. Pretty hard hitting stuff huh? Any remaining doubt that he's in the Red Sox's back pocket?

For those of you outside of Boston - Shaughnessy used to be Mr. Critical. He found fault with anything and everything having to do with the Red Sox. He wrote that the Monster seats above the Green Monster were going to ruin Fenway Park. Pedro Martinez would throw a shutout and Shagnasty would complain that Pedro was a diva. When David Ortiz was first signed - he said Ortiz was a "piece of you know what". Every day Shaughnessy was negative.

Then the Red Sox supposedly bought him off. Part owner Tom Werner gave Shaughnessy's daughter an internship with his Hollywood production company (this has never been denied or refuted by Shaughnessy or the Boston Globe). Now Shaughnessy skips down Landsdown Street singing the Barney "I love you - you love me" song when it comes to anything to do with the Red Sox.

Shaggy is like the bumble in Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer but instead of Herbie the dentist and Yukon Cornelius - chinless has been tamed by Dr. Steinberg (an actual dentist) and Larry Lucchino with the role of Santa Claus played by Tom Werner (who gives out gifts like internships to good girls of Boston columnists). I can picture the Red Sox front office reading the tripe Shaughnessy is passing these days and saying in unison "Lookee what he can do."

Toothless, chinless bumble - thy name is Shaughnessy

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