Monday, April 10, 2006

John Calipari to NC State?

Rumor is that there are talks afoot.

Calipari has Memphis poised to be a perennial top 10 program and they offer him a 5% raise after the job he did this year? That's not right. He's putting a tremendous amount of money into the coffers of the Memphis AD's office and it would only be right to let him "wet his beak."

Memphis may be penny wise and pound foolish here and they may just see the best thing to happen to their athletic program walk out the door because of it. If Calipari does stay put for this season - he will probably have another top 10 final ranking under his belt. That will make him even more marketable next year. Now is the time for Memphis to step up to the plate with a real offer - not some 5% joke.

If Memphis doesn't step up and show Calipari the money - someone else will.

In fact - I would really support UMass offering Calipari $2 million a year for 5-years. I don't blame Calipari for the Marcus Cambi mess and I know Calipari can be a bit slippery. By the same token - so can Billy Donovan and he just delivered a national championship to Florida. Calipari is capable of doing the same and would be worth the money.

EDIT: It looks like the Memphis boosters are taking matters into their own hands.

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