Saturday, April 22, 2006

Home Run Derby

My buddy Tim and I play a version of home run derby. Sometimes it is just the two of us - sometimes we have three or four people playing. The way we play might be a bit different than what you might first expect.

Whenever we watch a Red Sox game or go to Fenway - we chose two players each and wait to see who hits a home run. Each time one of the players you chose hits a home run - you win $20 from the opposing guy(s). It adds a little extra spice to the viewing experience.

Some nights no money changes hands because either no home runs are hit or they are hit by players who weren't picked. Last night the $20 bills were changing hands fast and furiously.

It was my turn to pick first and I took David Ortiz (the first guy usually picks Ortizzle). Tim then countered with Vernon Wells (a very savvy pick). That left the slumping Manny Ramirez to me (I told people how Manny was due and that he loved hitting at SkyDome). Tim finished the picks by taking Jason Varitek with the reasoning that he too was due and he was coming off a night off and would be rested.

In the third Ortiz and Manny hit back-to-back home runs and I was suddenly up $40. Vernon Wells got $20 back for Tim in the next inning and Jason Varitek put Tim back to even with his blast in the sixth. Manny once again put me up by $20 in the eighth but Vernon Wells evened things up again in the bottom of the inning.

In total - eight home runs were hit last night and we picked the guys who hit 6 out of 8 before the game. Good picking by us. A little extra spice to the game action. Home run derby - you and your friends should give it a try next time you are out watching a game.

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