Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Baseball Best Plays

OK - I took the gas pipe yesterday going 0-3. I thought taking home dogs on Opening Day was worth the risk but on reflection - the only bet I might make again was the Philly wager.

I didn't know Nomar would be out of the line-up and I didn't know headcase Derek Lowe had other things on his mind. I thought Hudson would have trouble against the Dodgers and was right. If I knew about Lowe's issues - I would have taken the over.

The A's just got smoked by the Yankees. I knew Zito has had trouble against the Yankees (he is now 1-6 in 9 starts with a combined ERA of 6.61 including yesterday since 2003 against the Yankees) but I thought the fastball hitting A's lineup was worth the risk.

Today I'm taking the over (9 runs) in the White Sox / Indians game - $50 to win $43.48

Additional picks:

Astros over Marlins - $50 to win $22
Red Sox over Rangers - $50 to win $50
Red Sox / Rangers over 11 runs - $50 to win $47.62

Total for season - 1 for 4 for minus $102.38

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