Friday, April 14, 2006

Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds is being investigated by a grand jury (again). This time it is investigating whether Bonds committed perjury in his last testimony before the grand jury. I have to say that I saw this coming. Here's what I wrote back in December of 2004:
We all know that our legal system is dodgy - especially when the defendants have the money for high powered attorneys. The BALCO stuff may get thrown out but one thing that is not dodgy is the truth. If Barry Bonds lied to the Feds under oath and they can prove it - he'll end up going to jail just like Martha Stewart.

Remember - Martha Stewart did not go to jail for insider trading (which is what the original investigation was about), she went to jail for lying to the Feds. Barry won't go to jail for taking steroids, he'll go to jail for lying about taking steroids.

Somebody has to be the fall guy here and Barry was a main target all along. Plus how sympathetic do you think a jury will be to Barry? About as sympathetic as a jury was to Martha maybe?
Bonds is also looking at legal troubles from the IRS for not reporting income - income he used to buy his mistress a home in Arizona.

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