Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Colin Powell

Today is Colin Powell's 69th birthday. I was somewhat surprised that Powell was that old especially because he always seems so vibrant. The age of 69 may preclude him from running for President (I'd vote for him if he did) since he'd be 71 in 2008.

Ronald Reagan was the oldest man elected President and he was 69 at the time. Of course, John McCain will be 70 this August and he seems intent on running for president. So maybe age wouldn't be a major factor in Powell deciding to run.

Probably the bigger factor in Powell running would be the desires of his wife Alma who probably would like a settled comfortable life after years of moving around the world as Powell was posted from military base to military base.

It is no secret that Powell's current ambition is to be part of an ownership group that is vying to purchase the Washington Nationals. I would prefer he had a more prominent role in baseball. I have said it before and I'll say it again - I want Colin Powell to replace Bud Selig as Commissioner of Baseball.

Powell is uniquely qualified for the job. On the player front - the biggest issue is steroids and performance enhancing drugs. Powell lived through the reformation in regard to illegal drugs in the military in the 1970's. On the owners front - the biggest issue is dealing with the different personalities and the "have" and "have-not" revenue franchises. Powell was Secretary of State for god's sake. Dealing with the political infighting among the owners would be a piece of cake. And as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs he's already shown he deal with the haves (Army) and have-nots (Coast Guard) without ruffling feathers.

Colin Powell for Commissioner of Baseball.

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