Sunday, April 02, 2006

Condi Rice and Bias at ESPN the Magazine

Every issue liberal bias creeps into ESPN the Magazine. Without fail whenever anyone or anything remotely involved with the Bush administration is mentioned - it is accompanied with a snarky remark. Most times I just let it pass. I mean it would be one thing if the writers took shots at both sides of the aisle or if the snarky remarks were at least mildly amusing but that's not the case besides I've accepted the fact that the level of writing at ESPN the Magazine is just barely above Highlights the magazine. In the latest issue, however, this remark in the magazine just struck a nerve.

In their "Big 10" on page 30 at number 6 was this item:
[6] ...IN...
Tags is a goner, but Condi doesn't want the job. [Might be weird working with folks who have a plan.]
Oh I get it! Harr harr. Jolly good one old man! I get it - Bush doesn't have a plan!

Is that a lack of a plan for the war in Iraq or domestically for say the economy? See if it is Iraq then wasn't Condi Rice one of the principle architects of our plan in Iraq? Lefties like to slam Bush on Iraq but the fact is that in Bush's first four years in office just 800 more military personnel died than in Clinton's first 4 years (885 to be exact). However, in Bush's first four years in office he liberated Afghanistan and Iraq. For what good cause did those 4,302 military members die in Clinton's first four years? Which was the administration without a plan again?

If it is the economy - then for an administration without a plan people have money to spend on frivolous items like ESPN the Magazine. You would think they would be grateful for that.

Speaking of plans - when's the last time your read about a plan from the Democrats on anything? Really. Didn't John Kerry have secret plans on the economy and Iraq? He kept mentioning them during the Presidential debates. Why hasn't he released those plans? Doesn't he love his country? Maybe those plans never existed. Maybe the writer was referring to people like those at ESPN who must have some plan for dealing with Barry Bonds in a journalistic fashion without coming off as ignorant ass-kissers (like say giving Bonds his own show with editorial control).

Plans and a clue - Condi Rice has both. ESPN may want to get either.

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