Monday, April 03, 2006

Baseball Best Plays

Today is the real opening day and I've got a few games I like today:

First up Cards vs. Phillies. The Phillies are at home and they are the underdog. First game of the season for both teams but the Phillies have been up in Philly for a while and should be better acclimated to the cool weather than the Cards.

Phillies are +$131 - Take the Phillies for $50 to win $65.50.

Next Braves vs. Dodgers. LA at home and as underdogs (+$104). Derek Lowe is poised to have a big season while Tim Hudson may have some problems this season. Also Hudson has issues with lefthanded hitters (they hit a combined .285 against him last year) and the Dodgers have a ton of switch hitters (Mueller, Navarro, Cruz, and Furcal) with natural lefty JD Drew as well. On top of that the Dodgers have Nomar and Jeff Kent.

I'm taking the Dodgers - $50 to win $52

My final pick today is Oakland (+$133) over the Yankees - $50 to win $66.50

Total for season - 1 for 1 plus $47.62.

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