Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Da Vinci Code

Author Dan Brown won the lawsuit brought against him and his book. Two things I thought were interesting in the article:

1. The writer of the article describes The Da Vinci Code as Brown's "novel of preposterous intrigue based on the theory that the descendants of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene are still alive." [Emphasis added] I just thought that was amusing. Preposterous intrigue indeed! I loved The Da Vinci Code the first time around but found it was unreadable once you knew the twists and turns. It was preposterous (and don't get me going on how preposterous Angels and Demons was).

2. This was also interesting in a purient way;
The most notable absentee during the hearing was Brown’s wife Blythe who, the author said in cross-examination, did most of his research. He also disclosed that, even when they were in the same house, they communicated largely by e-mail.
WTF? A marriage where most of the communication under the same roof is done via email is almost as preposterous as any of Brown's plot lines.

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