Saturday, April 29, 2006

Draft Day

The NFL draft day is upon us and the Texans taking Mario Williams as the first pick once again highlights the fact that there is no greater waste of time than pre-draft "mock drafts". I mean really - did you see anyone out there have Mario Williams going first? If they can't get the first pick right - what makes you think these "experts" can do any better further down at say New England's pick at 21?

I agree (to a degree) with those who already comparing this move by the Texans to the Portland's taking Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan. The idea was back then that you can't win championships without a big man in the middle and drafting Bowie was a "basketball" decision. Likewise the Texans are saying you can't build a championship team without a strong defense and that this was purely a football move. My guess is that Texans' fans will rue this move not to draft Reggie Bush just like the Trail Blazer fans play the "what if" game over Michael Jordan in Portland.

Making NBA/NFL comparisons though is dangerous because football is so much more a team sport than basketball. Even great football players need (to borrow Jordan's phrase) a "supporting cast". Just look at Steve Young or Jim Plunkett. Young with Tampa Bay or Plunkett with the Patriots were pretty much busts until they were surrounded with better supporting casts in San Francisco and Oakland respectively.

Reggie Bush is no Michael Jordan but he has a chance to be LaDanian Thomlinson. Now the question is whether the Saints take him or trade the pick (or shock everyone with a D'Brickshaw Ferguson who is a local Louisiana guy and who fills a "need" more than Bush since the Saints already have Deuce McAllister).

I will be curious to see where Vince Young goes. There was a lot of hype of him possibly going first overall but I think he now drops out of the top 5 (and look for him to talk about being "disrespected"). Of course I could be completely wrong about this prediction because, as you know, pre-draft predictions are worthless.

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