Saturday, January 23, 2021

A Modest Proposal

President Biden signed an Executive Order Wednesday which was supposed to be a protection for the transgendered (as an aside my spell-check doesn't even recognize this as a valid word - someone should cancel Microsoft for this transgression). However, the EO explicitly gives legal protection to biological males who wish to compete in women's sports. As they say, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." And Joe Biden just signed a hell of a paving stone.

Everyone with eyes to see knows that whether it be basketball, track, swimming, tennis, weightlifting, etc. that a biological male has a huge advantage over a biological female. The only sport I can think of where the gap is closing is perhaps marathon running (and maybe dodgeball). 

I think we can all agree that there is no place as "woke" as a college campus. We can also agree that COVID-19 has decimated university finances. Now we add this last straw to the camel's back and I can foresee some desperate (or enterprising) university Athletic Director making this perhaps logical drastic next step.

If gender is just a social construct as some argue, if biological males can now compete with females, and females can play on male sports teams - why have separate men's and women's athletics at all?  Why have male athletes and female athletes when you can just have athletes? Why have the expense of separate teams at a time when school budgets are in crisis? The Athletic Director can simply say, "All are welcome to compete. We don't discriminate. But we do have a limited number of roster spots - so..." 

With a stroke of a pen (just like the signing of an Executive Order) - the Athletic Director can basically slash the sports budget in half while also eliminating most non-revenue sports. Don't get me wrong - I'm not advocating for this and it would be a vastly unpopular move eliminating not just women's sports but also the associated scholarships or financial aid to the women athletes. But because of the COVID-19 related budget crunch there may be one or more Athletic Directors out there who may be backed into a corner and feel this would be the only move possible. Even worse there may be some Athletic Director who thinks this is the right thing to do (either because excessive misogyny or excessive "wokeness"). And if one Athletic Director does it - others may feel free to follow. 

Thanks to President Biden - this may be the future of college sports. 

EDIT: Changed the photo because of broken link. Also wanted to mention that I don't think this issue will be an epidemic but it will be significant enough. That is if it is reported in the "news." 


  1. Rather than fight through the insanity of woke gender BS. If I were a university president I might just kill off the entire athletic program. Say "thanks Joe, were out".

  2. That's a possibility for many Div III or women's colleges. A very real possibility.

  3. Since title 9 the profit in athletics has been very thin at all but the big football and basketball institutions. I think you would find most if the no. Power 5 programs could be axed without much damage to the schools budget and in many cases a net positive.

  4. The picture doesn't seem to load in Firefox or Safari.
    With all the world's problems, this is a top priority? The man is insane.
    Someone must look at the power of Executive Orders.
    Lord help us.