Monday, January 18, 2021

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

How great would it be if you took all the great "Hail Mary" passes in football history (Stabauch, Flutie, etc.) and set them to the music of Ave Maria?... In January of 1835 the U.S. national debt was reduced to $0 for the first and only time in history (file this under things that will never happen again)... Interesting look at what went wrong with Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles. Was amused by this line in the article, "When you believe you've found the Great White of team sports - an elite quarterback - you hold on for dear life and you feed the beast." Even the moderately literate get that "Great White" is a Moby Dick reference but I chuckle knowing many out there will wrongly read it as some sort of MAGA dog-whistle or even sillier as some kind of reference to the movie JAWS... Has anyone asked Joe Biden if he plans to move the US Embassy out of Jerusalem? I know Biden has only been asked softballs but I'd be really curious to hear his response to this question... Need a ruling on this - the way Amazon, Apple, and Google trampled Parler would that have been considered a violation of Net Neutrality if Net Neutrality was the law of the land? If not - what's the good of Net Neutrality?... 

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  1. I wonder if Biden can spell Jerusalem, or if he can find it on a map. Or if he can find a map, or if he can spell map.