Friday, January 15, 2021

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Two thoughts come together. In the old days a person's last name was often also their occupation - so someone named Smith was most likely a blacksmith. Also in the old days the term "roger" meant to have sex with usually in a rough manner. Which now begs the question - what exactly were Aaron Rodgers fore-bearers known for?... Speaking of Aaron Rodgers - here's an interesting thought - why not Aaron Rodgers as permanent host of Jeopardy!... Who could have foreseen that "Fight the Power!" would become a Republican rallying cry?...  PC Magazine reports download speeds of 79.5 Mbps for Starlink service which is very good but comes with two big caveats, as far as I'm concerned. First that's on a mostly unused shared network. Once the network is loaded with subscribers the download speeds most likely will be greatly reduced in speed tests. Second the advertised upload speeds is just 20-25 Mbps which is much slower than a comparable symmetrical fiber connection...   Funny, sad and maddening all at the same time.... Sexual Anorexia would be a great name for a band. Dry Spell could be their opening act... 


  1. Capacity is also related to number of satellites and they are not even to 50% of target.

  2. Their plan is to get to capacity over a 9-year span. And that's if the lawsuits against their light pollution isn't successful.