Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Why a second opinion is always valuable: if you know a lot of nurses and doctors and see the mistakes they make in their personal lives - you may rightly question their judgement. Why assume the same folks are perfect all the time in their medical diagnosis?... Wait - Cirque du Soleil is owned by the Chinese now? Not 100% ownership but enough to cross them off my list of things I'd pay to see... Heh Heh... If the Chinese do start seizing Western assets and companies as some have predicted - I wonder what would happen if they tried to seize the Tesla Gigafactory? Would Elon Musk have the ability to disable all the Tesla cars in China remotely from Texas? How great would that be?... Colleges have "shed" 10% of their employees (about 550,000) since the start of the pandemic. "Shed" seems an interesting choice of words. Normally a word associated with "unwanted" or "unnecessary" as in I "shed" 10 pounds on this new diet. Would be interesting to know the makeup of those who lost their jobs. How many were custodial or facilities, administration or professors?... 


  1. I steal some of your stuff and re-post on Facebook, especially the quotes. I will NOT be re-posting the nurse/doctor comment. It isn't that it's wrong. No, it too closely matches the truth and I'm certain some of the nurses/doctors among my Facebook friends would take offense. This past year has shown nurses to be almost as insufferable as teachers.

  2. Sometimes the truth hurts. About 70% of the nurses and doctors I know are divorced or have made some really strange life choices. Couple that with the fact that medical mistakes/malpractice are the third leading cause of death in the US and getting a second opinion just becomes common sense.

    Hope all is well Bill.

  3. Club Med as a well as Cirque du Soleil are both owned (controlled) by the Chinese.

    Higher Education will never be the same after this in many ways. I wonder how some departments and administrative people will fare? A lot of jobs will never come back.

  4. Knew about Club Med but didn't mention it because I'd never go there anyway.

    Colleges will be in a bad place for the foreseeable future because students no longer feel that they have to get a degree - especially if it means mortgaging their future. Expect enrollment to plunge. After many, many students taking a year off because of Covid - many won't return. Most employers will hasten that demise by not requiring a degree anymore either.