Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Flotsam and Jetsam

 Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

Looking back I think the phrase that best overall sums up 2020 was "Stuck on stupid." I know that phrase first came to prominence 15-years ago but somehow I fear we as a nation never got "un-stuck"... Matt Taibbi - We Need a New Media System. There is a real vacuum for people who just want "news" not propaganda, slants, or "hot-takes"... Feel like big tech companies like Twitter and Facebook are making the ultimate "Go Woke - Go Broke" experiment. Even the Germans are saying "dude what are you doing?" Will be interesting to see how tech stocks do in the next few months.... New England Patriots fans of a certain age thought of Hart Lee Dykes as a punchline - a first round pick who only lasted 2-seasons due to breaking a kneecap and injuring his eye in a bar fight. But Dykes' two seasons look like Jerry Rice in his prime in comparison to N'Keal Harry's production in Foxboro... Johannes Factorum (jack of all trades) would be a good name for a blog... And speaking of the guys in Foxboro - the way things are going is it too much of a stretch that some people will protest against the team name? In a couple of years of Biden's America will they be forced to be known as the New England Football Team? Only kinda kidding... 

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