Tuesday, October 19, 2021

China as Military Threat to US


Some people still don't think China is a military threat to the United States. The above video is of China's Unitree company which seems to have blatantly stolen Boston Dynamics robot technology. Imagine all those robots equipped with weapons.

In even bigger news, China recently surprised the US with a hypersonic missile test. This is eye-opening for many reasons. First, our intelligence agencies and our military seemed to have been caught flat footed - not even aware China was close to this capability. Guess they were too busy spying on us and working on their wokeness. Secondly, it shows the awareness of President Trump in forming the Space Force. If the Chinese are weaponizing space we need to be ready. Finally, it really helps emphasize that we need to get our military house in order.  

And we haven't even mentioned China's biological weapons.

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