Sunday, October 24, 2021

Our Purgatory is Their Nirvana

VDH catalogs the disasters of the first nine months of the Biden Administration and how the Administration is playing them off as no big deal.

VDH's columns can seem repetitive at times but that may be because he seems to be among the few in the media who recognizes that these things are BIG deals. And people need to pay attention to them. For instance we still have many Americans stuck and seemingly forgotten in Afghanistan since their plight is almost universally ignored by the corporate media who seem to prefer to cover what Netflix will do about Dave Chappelle instead. 


  1. Hanson's gift is synthesizing information and presenting it in a cogent and accessible manner, which is the essence of teaching.

  2. Often the key to teaching something is repetition. Big fan of VDH but know this may be a sticking point for some. His Soul of Battle is a very underrated book.