Monday, October 25, 2021

What We Lose When We Lose Thomas Jefferson

New York City takes down statue of the author of the Declaration of Independence.

Even though I have conflicted feelings about Jefferson - the author of the piece provides a compelling argument and some interesting history. One thing I'd point out is that removing Jefferson is not about slavery - it's about removing traces of our history and what this country was built upon. The statue of Teddy Roosevelt was removed from outside the Museum of Natural History in NYC and he never owned slaves.


  1. I agree on Jefferson after I read Hamilton, but really? Shame on the people who allowed this to happen.
    I know, let's put up a statue of George Floyd!

  2. Don't make that suggestion because they seriously would take it seriously.

    Although I have to admit that I had the thought that NYC should replace the statue of Jefferson with one of Bill de Blasio. They deserve it.