Friday, October 29, 2021

China is Using the Climate as a Bargaining Chip

Matt Ridley laying out some truths. These conferences like the COP26 accomplish very little or nothing. There is no sense pretending otherwise - especially if it means providing concessions to the Chinese over things like an investigation into the origins of the pandemic, the genocide of Muslims and the suppression of freedom in Hong Kong. 

China is the biggest polluter in the world and remains so even though they are constantly attending these conferences and giving vague assurances. They burn half the world's coal and are tripling their capacity to make fuel out of coal. 

Appeasement never works. China only recognizes enemies and vassals - we are neither. It's time we stop pretending otherwise.


  1. Don't trust China. China is asshole!

    I hope that guy isn't in some re-educations camp.