Tuesday, October 19, 2021

More on Nick Rolovich

Dan Wetzel with, I believe, a pretty fair look at Rolovich being fired as head coach at Washington State. The fact that four assistants also had to be fired shows Rolovich wasn't alone in his beliefs in that locker room. 

It should be noted that Rolovich was paid $3 million last year and was set to make that much this year as well. No information on what he receives as termination pay but I'm sure it will be a hefty amount. Rolovich probably made at least $1 million a year previously as head coach at Hawaii. Suffice it to say he can probably comfortable retire at this point. Others aren't as well financially situated and are being forced to either compromise their beliefs or lose their jobs. That's not right.

I'm surprised that unions are not being more vocal about this. Or perhaps they are but it is just not being widely reported? 


  1. Dan Wetzel is a tool. The governor of Washington does not have the authority to force people to take an experimental treatment, no matter what courts have or have ot decided. Taking peoples' livelihoods away for not following a certain way of thinking, and that is exactly what the vaccine represents, is evil, and going along with it is the equivalent of "just following orders" at the death camps.

  2. I agree with you. But I did think Wetzel did a good job of showing both sides. Stewart Mandell writing for Sports Illustrated takes the opinion that Rolovich is a fool and is letting down his players by taking this stand. Mandel is a tool and SI is now as relevant as Smith-Corona.

    Rolovich has not stated publicly exactly what his position and beliefs are. No matter - my body my choice - right?