Thursday, October 28, 2021

The NFL Scandal That's Not Going Away

Ex-Washington Football Team employees' letter hand delivered at owners meeting, urging the NFL to release their investigation report. "The NFL should not be allowed to encourage employees to come forward at great personal risk to speak to investigators, only to sweep the results of that investigation under the rug." So very true. Why would anyone associated with the NFL trust Roger Goodell at this point?

The NFL offices released reports in the Bountygate and Deflategate investigations. No matter how flawed those reports were - they were released. Why no release of the report in this situation? It stinks of a cover-up. How can Jon Gruden be the only person to lose their job here?

And speaking of Gruden - his potential legal action against the league keeps looking better and better by the day.  


  1. They need to release the report and also investigate who released his emails and prosecute if possible.

  2. Agree 100%. It would also be great if Goodell had to testify under oath if he knew of or approved the release of the Gruden emails.

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