Saturday, October 23, 2021

Dem's Vaccine Mandates for Police are Bound to Backfire

Agree 100% with Glenn Reynolds on this.

I would also add that most of those who get the shots to save their jobs - there is bound to be a lot of resentment. That resentment will manifest itself in many ways - not least in who they vote for in upcoming elections.  


  1. Largebill687:56 AM

    A side thought on the vaccine mandate is how does it play into the immunity from legal liability issue? Operation Warp Speed gave immunity to Moderna, Pfizer, and J&J against liability for side effects. However, now we have employers "forcing" people to take is as a condition to maintain employment. If someone in that situation has an adverse reaction to the vaccine, can they sue their employer? The company may feel they are following a law or government directive, but are they really? Joe made the announcement in a speech. No law has been passed. As of yet, not even an executive order has even been issued. Companies are taking action in expectation of a requirement.

  2. Bill I agree with you. I've been saying that all along. Among the worse consequences of this is this new rush to get children to take the vaccine. There's medical evidence that this is counter productive but the big pharma companies don't care because they make more money with legal immunity.