Sunday, October 31, 2021

Elites are Using "Climate Change" To Punish the Poor

Joel Klotkin with a good look at how the poor will be hurt most by the plans of  the climate zealots. People have become numb to these predictions and how they always prove incorrect. People are also sick of the hypocrisy of bigshots telling folks they need to put their wash on clotheslines, pay higher prices at the gas pump and bike to work - meanwhile they jet around the world. 

These same climate hypocrites also consistently fail to call out China on their rampant pollution. Which compounds the distrust of these bozos.

One thing that always bothers me is the doomsayers prediction that climate change will lead to mass starvation. We've learned the hard way that its things like lockdowns that cause supply chain disruptions - that leads to food shortages and starvation. Climate change could actually open up the great plains of Canada and Siberia for longer growing seasons - and MORE food. 

We need an equivalent to the "Let's Go Brandon" chant for these climate change jackasses.

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