Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Is the Australian Open in Question?

Leaked emails reveal twists in the Australian Open vaccine drama. Supposedly nobody who wasn't "double vaxxed" would be allowed into the country but now it looks like some exceptions may be made. 

World Number One Novak Djokovic has not revealed his vaccine status (good for him) and his participation may be in question. And why would a person of Djokovic's stature and accomplishment want to quarantine himself for 14-days in a hotel as the exceptions require? If Djokovic and others decline to participate or are not allowed to participate - the winners of the Australian Open should have a huge asterixis next to their names in the record books.

If I were in Djokovic's shoes - I'd hold a competing tournament at the same time as the Australian Open and hold it in one of the Nordic countries that has completely removed all COVID restrictions. I'd sell the TV rights to this competing tourney and use those funds to pay the participants.  The IFT (International Tennis Federation) should question why Australia has one of the four tennis major tourney's in the first place. Open up a competition to replace Australia and generate so much more exposure and interest for the sport. Australia has no one to blame but themselves. Going forward the Australian Open should be relegated to the status of a local tourney and nothing more.

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