Monday, October 18, 2021

How Daniel Craig Got His James Bond Bod

Interesting look at how Daniel Craig made a commitment to have the best "James Bond" body of all-time (sorry Sean Connery). 

It came down to commitment, a good trainer and proper diet. Those are three things everyone could access - maybe not to the same degree but then again most people are just trying to live a healthier life not look spectacular on film.

Still haven't seen the latest Bond movie (and not sure if I'll end up seeing it in the theaters). 


  1. Don't bother. A) it's terrible B) Craig is a lying closet case who is a few weeks from being outed (note his preemptive admission this week 'AMONG OTHER REASONS I go to gay bars cause straights get too fight-y cause I'm such a man man they all want a piece a me and please don't ask what my other reasons are" (slight, slight paraphrase)

  2. Maybe he's just sending signals he'd like to play the new bisexual Superman.