Sunday, December 18, 2005

Bloggers Making Inroads into Traditional Media

Eric McErlain of Off Wing Opinion has been granted official press credentials to cover the Washington Capitols of the NHL. I think this is the wave of the future.

Off Wing Opinion probably gets viewed by as many hard core hockey fans as either of the DC major dailies. Ted Leonis, the owner of the Capitols, is no stranger to technology (he made his fortune at AOL) and he also knows Eric firsthand (having invited him to his owners box seats a few weeks back). I'm willing to bet that Eric impressed Leonis much more than many of the people who carry press credentials for traditional press outlets. Giving Eric credentials was both smart and logical on the part of the Capitols.

Eric is probably not the first blogger to get press credentials in sports but I can't recall anyone else off-hand (although I do remember Captain Ed from Captains Quarters getting press credentials for the Republican National Convention). I do know that there is nobody in the traditional media (TV and print) that I respect more in matters concerning hockey in general and the Washington Capitols in particular than Eric McErlain. The Capitols were wise to recognize that there are many out there who feel just as I do.

Like many others - I also feel the same way about other areas of interest. There is no reporter I trust more when it comes to what is actually happening in Iraq than blogger Michael Yon. In matters concerning the law - there are no opinions I value more than Glenn Reynolds or Eugene Volokh. Education issues? Give me the opinion of Betsy over at Betsy's Page (not to be confused with Betty Page).

Many in the main stream media still scoff at bloggers but I'm sure that the dinosaurs also scoffed at the furry mammals. We all know how that turned out.

Congratulations on the press credentials Eric.

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