Sunday, December 11, 2005

Flotsam and Jetsam

Miscellaneous thoughts and observations.

In 2005 Edgar Renteria led AL shortstops in errors with 30 but 13 of those were throwing errors. You have to understand the context here. On many of those throws Renteria was throwing to the worst fielding first baseman in baseball, Kevin Millar (never mind what the stats say about Millar's fielding - he was THE worst). If he was throwing to a half decent first baseman, half of those throwing errors go away and Renteria finishes behind Russ Adams of Toronto, Angel Berroa of KC and in between Julio Lugo of the Devil Rays and Miguel Tejada as far as errors by a AL shortstop. This is another reason why I think Edgar bounces back nicely this year with the Braves... This is a great time waster. It tells you how many of your favorite beverages it would take to kill you. For example - I now know that 158 cups of coffee will kill me... JJ Redick made me a believer yesterday... I know the first commandment of betting is "thou shall not tease" but I think my best bet of the day is to tease the Patriots with the Patriots/Bills over. With risk $13 to win $10 odds you get the lines to Patriots getting 2.5 points and the over to just 29.5 points... The mayor is back! Lou Merloni signed a minor league deal with Cleveland and he may just be the missing piece to a championship team. Mayor Lou Merloni rules! Long live the mayor!... Curtis Martin may miss today's game against the Raiders. Quick go pick up Cedric Houston for your fantasy team! The Raiders are favored by 3 in this game and if Martin can't play - I'd say they are a lock (of course if Martin can't play expect the line to go up)... I thought it was a done deal that Bill Mueller would be going to the Dodgers but it looks like the Pirates have upped their offer to Mueller to a three-year deal at about $4 million per year. Good for the Pro and good for the Pirates who have been very active this off-season. The Pirates signed stud outfielder Jason Bay to a long term contract, brought home local good guy Sean Casey to play first, shored up the bullpen with Damaso Marte and now are trying to anchor third with Mueller. Don't be surprised if the Pirates also bring in Milton Bradley. If the Dodgers do lose out on Mueller - I wouldn't be surprised to see Ned Colletti make a panic move....

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