Friday, December 30, 2005

Miguel Tejada Should Just Shut Up

Once again Miguel Tejada has said he wants to be traded because he doesn't see a commitment to winning from the Orioles.
"If the Orioles don't do anything, I want them to trade me because I am tired of losing," Tejada said before a winter league game.
Miguel Tejada should drink a nice tall glass of shut the fuck up.

Tejada took the money and ran when he signed a 6-year $72 million contract. In doing so he also went from the perennial playoff A's to the moribund Orioles. Tejada could have chosen a team with a better track record of getting to the playoffs but instead he chose the highest bidder. He had his chance and he blew it. Now he should just STFU.

Tejada also danced around Rafael Palmeiro's steroids pseudo-allegation that Tejada does steroids and that some of Tejada's steroids magically got into a B12 shot Tejada gave to Palmeiro.
"Everyone knows that vitamin B-12 doesn't do anything bad," Tejada said. "I am not upset with Palmeiro, but enough speaking about that already," he said.
Yes people know that B12 is harmless but people don't think you were using performance enhancing B12 shots you blockhead. And yes - wouldn't it be convenient for you if nobody asked questions about Palmeiro and B12 shots. Trade talk would take the spotlight off that wouldn't it? Many teams and house organ papers like the Boston Globe or Chicago Tribune would be sure to walk carefully around that minefield if there was a chance Tejada would be traded to the Red Sox or Cubs. Maybe Tejada is being crazy like a fox here?

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