Saturday, December 17, 2005

Scott Adams on the Perils of Being the #3 al-Qaeda Man

This was pretty amusing. However, this post in the comments section was the real keeper:
i wonder if bin laden sends out @all to the entire al quaeda network everytime we kill #3? kind of like a big company. "praise allah, i'd like to announce that ali has left the organization for personal reasons. effective immediately, ahmed will assume all the duties of the #3 al quaeda leader. please give him a warm welcome to his new position, and give him your full support as we struggle to incite a global war. also, our united way campaign is about to kick off, and as usual, our #3 leader will be in charge of it."

and of course, *this* is what makes the #3 al quaeda job the worst job on earth - he has to run the united way campaign. being killed by a drone-fired missile is something they hope for!

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