Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Patriots / Jets - Last MNF Game on ABC

Was this game ever in doubt? Was there an easier way to make money than taking the Patriots in this game (I got 7.5 yesterday morning but I understand it went up to 8.5 by game-time)? The 31-21 score doesn't tell the story of how lopsided this game was.

Mike Vrabel caught TWO TD passes and he now has three TD receptions for the season. That puts him in a tie for 28th place in TD receptions in the AFC with teammate Daniel Graham, Bryan Fletcher of Indy and Eric Moulds of Buffalo. If I told you before the season that Vrabel would have as many TD receptions as Moulds you would have thought either that I was crazy or that Moulds would be out all year with an injury.

Did anyone out there care that this was the last Monday Night Football game? I know I didn't care. ABC isn't exactly pulling the plug - they are just moving the game to corporate partner ESPN. Big deal.

When I look back at the MNF games I think of three things:

1. Joe Theisman breaking his leg. I was in college and I saw the replay about 10 times at my frat - I walked over to my girlfriend's dorm and they were still showing replays of the break when I got there.

2. Eric Dickerson doing sideline reporting and me thinking that he was illiterate. Seriously I would have bet big money that he wouldn't be able to struggle through "Hop on Pop".

3. The fact that MNF was banned in Foxboro for over a decade because of a game in 1976 against Denver resulted in so many fights and arrests the local town fathers said never again. It was so bad that the cops were handcuffing people to the fence to wait for the paddy wagon and the cops ran out of handcuffs.

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