Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Sinatra Group

In honor of what would have been Frank's 90th birthday tommorow - here is one of the funnier skits from SNL's past - The Sinatra Group. The idea was a riff on the McLaughlin Group - here's a taste of the roundtable discussion:
Frank Sinatra: Of course he is, you brownnoses. Look at you, you're just swimming in my wake. Issue number three: [ points to Sinead ] This bald chick - what's with her head? Let's start with the chick. What gives, cue ball? I'm looking at you, I'm thinking: fourteen in the side pocket!

Sinead O'Connor: I can't believe you're talking about my hair with all the bloody starvation and suffering in the world right now.

Frank Sinatra: Come on! Swing, baby, you're platinum! Billy Idol.

Billy Idol: I think she's really quite attractive.

Frank Sinatra: Check out his papers. Luther Campbell!

Billy Idol: You watch it, mate!

Frank Sinatra: Easy, baby! And what's with the sneering crap? [ Billy sneers ] Don't do that to the people, they want to like you! That's what killed Dennis Day - contempt for the audience. Luther Campbell! What about the chick's head?

Luther Campbell: Be honest, I don't care about the head. I like the butt.

Frank Sinatra: I hear you, baby. Forget the head. Put a bag over it and do your business! Am I right, Steve and Eydie?

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