Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Rafael Palmeiro - Still an Idiot

Finger wagging, steroid taking, Rafael Palmeiro is still an idiot. Check out what he's still saying about his positive steroids test:
"I wish I could pinpoint exactly what happened," Palmeiro told the newspaper [New York Times] in his first public comments since last season ended. "I would think it was the B-12. I'm not certain of that; I can't prove it."
Throwing Miguel Tejada (who gave him the "B12 shot") under the bus while your at it - nice touch. Palmeiro must think we're idiots. Sure players go to other players for "vitamin" injections all the time. If Tejada's "B12 shots" were tainted - how come Tejada didn't test positive as well? (BTW - I think Tejada is a steroids guy too and that is why I wouldn't touch him or his contract if I were the Red Sox.)

This was the topper for me:
"I'm going to take the responsibility, me being careless and taking something I wasn't knowing if it was clean, having full trust in what I was getting. It was careless, stupid, naive of me to think it was safe."
NO YOU ARE NOT TAKING RESPONISBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS. You are still trying to hide under the covers of a "tainted B12 shot" defense. It makes me sick that if Palmeiro wasn't caught he would have made the Hall of Fame while a player like Jim Rice who did things the right way still don't garner enough votes.

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