Saturday, December 10, 2005

OK - I'll Say It!

Miguel Tejada has said he's unhappy with the Orioles and wants to be traded. Many people immediately thought "why don't they swap the unhappy Manny Ramirez for the unhappy Miggie Tejada?" The pundits and talking heads will say that this will never happen because Baltimore would never deal with an inter-division rival (not that anyone from Boston has considered the Orioles rivals for years). This deal will not happen but its not for the above reason. This deal won't happen because Tejada is tainted goods.

Jose Canseco names Tejada as a steroids user in his book and Rafael Palmeiro said it was Tejada's B12 shots that made him flunk a test for steroids. Tejada had one more at bat in 2005 than in 2004 yet had 8 fewer HR and 52 fewer RBI. Coincidence that this drop-off happened in the first year of real drug testing? Tejada is tainted goods and as far as I'm concerned as Derek Lowe may have put it - he can suck it!

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