Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Jeff Reardon Arrested for Robbing a Jewelry Store

Have you seen this story yet? While racking my brain to come with an explanation for this behavior - I have formulated the top 5 reasons why Jeff Reardon would rob a jewelry store.

1. Crack is whack!
2. Not actually Jeff Reardon - an identity theft thing. Just someone using Reardon's name, beard and fingerprints but not actually Jeff Reardon.
3. The day after Christmas is the best day for bargains.
4. Mistaken identity. The cops arrested Jeff Reardon but it was actually Yakov Smirnoff. In Russia - jewelry store robs you!
5. It was a request from a Make-A-Wish cancer patient that his favorite baseball player commit a felony before he died.

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