Friday, December 16, 2005


I imagine that to some this report would make no sense. A bar losing its liquor license for allowing patrons to play Yahtzee? That just sounds strange. However, if you are familiar with one of the older bar betting pools then it makes sense.

In the "old" days many bars would have a Yahtzee "kitty". You would get one roll for $1 (some places did two rolls). If you rolled Yahtzee (five dice each with the same number) you would win all the money in the "kitty". Some bars gave you a free drink for four dice with the same number (but this was back was a drink was a beer or a shot of whiskey). If you didn't hit Yahtzee - your $1 went into the kitty. It was always small change stuff with kitty's about $30 being the norm.

Today bars can't have this sort of "gambling" not because its wrong but because it eats into the state sponsored scratch card and Keno business. I can't stand hypocrisy like this. A private businessman basically gets shut down for two weeks? That's just not right.

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