Saturday, December 24, 2005

Morning Links

Here are some links to enjoy with your morning coffee.

- Santa declares war on Arbor Day:
The tape, which was released to all of the major news networks, shows a bearded Claus in front of a plain, snowy background, fixing the camera with his steely glare.

“To those of you who would replace ‘Merry Christmas,’ with ‘Happy Holidays,’ let me say this,” he said. “Arbor Day is going down!”
- Glaus to the Blue Jays for Hudson and Batista. This is a good trade for both teams. The Jays already have replacements for Hudson and Batista while Arizona already has a replacement for Glaus. This trade makes both teams beter (and pares payroll for the Diamondbacks).

- Pauly's buddy has come up with a novel use for Johnny Damon's book "Idiot"

- A Mariners fan wants to make the Matt Clement for Jeremy Reed deal. Caveat emptor.

- One of my favorites from the archives!

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